Oct. 7th, 2013 09:42 pm
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As a head's up, and it's a bit early yet, but apparently THIS is a thing LJ is doing now. Here's further elaboration.

Remember how Strikethrough started, with just two people?


I'm not really sure what to say, honestly, other than boosting the signal. LJ IS owned by Russians, so unfortunately it was likely this would happen at some point.

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In the past day I've spent $100 on Nail Polish between, Ulta in person, and Ulta online. (In my defense, at Sephora if you spend $50 you get free shipping, and Butter London was buy two, get one free on Guys, I already have so much nail polish I never wear. Why am I doing this?

I will share what I bought though!

At Ulta in person, I bought Kiss Me on My Tulips (hot pink) and Nein! Nein! Nein! Okay Fine (a dark non-metallic gunmetal gray.)
On Ulta's website I bought Butter London in Slapper (eletric blue), Teddy Girl (pale baby neutral pink), and Shag (a coppery metallic red the color of fall leaves). I have never tried Butter London before so this is exciting!
On I bought Sephora by OPI's matte top coat, Sephora by OPI in A-Ha Moment! (bright white), Illamasqua in Scorn (matte black...I'm excited to try matte nail polish even though I hear it looks like crap after a day or two), Illamasqua in Radium (metallic lime green), and Sephora by OPI in Slushied (robin's egg blue).

I am trying to branch out and not just wear black/dark purple/everything by OPI all the time. I just had mustard yellow on my fingers (OPI's The "It" Color), and my friends in New York loved it. (Stupid thing started chipping after three days, which is weird because the place I go to normally takes a week to start chipping. Oh well.) I normally just buy OPI because I really like their polishes a lot, but I'm trying different brands. I'm staying high end, though, because it's my experience that with nail polish you get what you pay for. The cheap drug store brands chip like the day I put them on, but the nicer brands don't. Or maybe I'm just a big giant snobby-pants, who knows?

In other news, I got rear-ended at a stop light yesterday. I'm fine, my friend who was with me is fine, and the car has very very minimal damage to the back bumper. However...the dude drove off. He rear-ended me and we pulled into a parking lot. I told him I had called the police, as one does. He said "Oh I don't think we need to get them involved." I was like "Yes we do. You rear-ended me."

Like...I'm not stupid. If I don't have a police report number, I can't get his insurance to pay for the damage to my car. I've seen it happen to friends of mine where they didn't call the cops when they got hit and got screwed over. I'm not letting that happen.

Well I should have taken a picture of his license plate when he said that, because he waited for like two more minutes and then drove off before I could get one. I got the make and model of his car and his physical description. (He didn't even give me his name!) The cop had no choice but to file it as a hit and run. Good luck to you, buddy, when you get caught. Shit's a felony as opposed to a moving violation.

Popular theories as to why he ran: he has a bad driving record/lot of accidents or he was on drugs/had drugs in the car.

The important thing is that I'm fine and I only have two tiny scratches that need to be buffed out of my bumper. Progressive said it's unlikely my insurance will go up, but I need to double-check that with my claims adjuster on Monday.

Mostly I'm just pissed off that the dude ran. I rear-ended someone back in 2007 when it was raining, and like...I called the cops on myself. I don't understand why it's difficult to do the right thing in situations like this. Especially in North Carolina, because for fuck's sake when you get your court date, if you take them a certificate from your insurance saying the damages to the other person's car was paid for, you get off with no points on your license and not even having to pay court costs! WHY WOULD YOU NOT JUST DO THAT? Jesus Christ.

He had to have been high or something. It's the only thing that makes sense. Or driving illegally with no insurance. (In NC, you have to carry insurance to drive.) I just...why on Earth?

Oh. Also. Next Friday. Six days. Phoenix Invictus. Probably as soon as I get up that morning. Be here.


Jul. 21st, 2012 05:05 pm
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In spite of massive cramps from my period starting, I was having a good day until this insanely ignorant person on my Facebook posted an image macro of cartoon Spider-Man saying "Well at least no one got shot at my movie."


So myself and several other people called her out for being tasteless and insensitive, and what does she do? Tell us to get off it, and is all "Like none of you have ever laughed at a 9/11 joke or a Helen Keller joke."

So I told her in no-uncertain terms that she knew exactly what she was doing by posting the image, since her caption added the words "I'm going to hell in a hand basket." And then I pointed out that actions have consequences, and these were hers. And then I also told her to grow up.

Jesus fucking Christ.


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