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Birthdate:May 10
Location:Cary, North Carolina, United States of America
Website:AO3 Account

Dommi // ken_ichijouji
The fanworks of Dommi aka ken_ichijouji aka that girl over there

Primarily used to house Star Trek 2009 fanfiction, ken_ichijouji also has been known to enjoy the following: beer, cupcakes, cake in general, Kirk and Bones being in love, her Hachidog and cats, Scotty and Chekov having shenanigans, Kirk and Bones being in love more, and Kirk and Bones being in love forever.

She also enjoys driving her Z3, school (clinical psychology represent), and sleeping. Occasionally she makes icons or wallpapers, but that's rare and something she prefers to leave to the professionals.

She can be found on AIM under youfounddommi, gchat under domminess, or modding/maintaining mccoy_and_kirk.

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