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Originally posted by [ profile] cidercupcakes at request
My dear friend [ profile] bnharrison is in pretty dire financial straits right now -- in point of fact, she's living in her car. While she assures the Internet that she's in a fairly safe place for this, and she's handling the whole situation with her usual grace and good humor, and I have every confidence in her ability to take care of herself, obviously this is causing me some, shall we say, consternation.

Her agent is working hard at shopping around her first novel (a YA work called Find Me Here), and she makes and has previously sold some beautiful dolls, but at the moment her supplies are in storage and obviously selling a novel is a long and stressful process even when you're not homeless. She has a job, but it's as the work comes to her and right now there's not much coming. She's made a post containing her paypal information here; if anyone can kick even a few dollars her way, I'd definitely sleep easier.

Added by Dommi: Brittany was my roommate for over two years. For reasons I can't disclose, she can't come back to live with me even though I've offered. The internet really came through for me when my cat, Al, was sick (and ultimately died) back in January and I needed financial aid. I'm asking you guys to please, if you can spare anything, even a dollar to help someone who got her start in fandom out, I will forever be in your gratitude. I'll even write you a ficlet as a thank you in addition to Brittany making you a doll.

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I don't know that I can get this done by September 1st.

Dark Phoenix is 62,000 and then some words alone. The prologue is 3,533. I have not even begun Phoenix yet. And I (finally) got a job this week, and school starts the 16th.

There's not enough time.

I just had to take a week off of writing, primarily because my dog hurt himself on his foot (we think it was a spider bite), the wound got infected, and I've had to keep him under surveillance and in the Cone of Shame (until he figured out how to get it off, lousy intelligent dog) ever since. The wound initially ulcerated, and I was very afraid he would lose his leg. He's fine now, and healing properly, but I just could not write while that was going on.

Also I found out that three and some change weeks doing nothing but writing is my limit. I was disgusted with being on the computer, so this past week I went offline in every way imaginable. And I feel much better, and reinvigorated, but taking an entire week off from writing has set me back.

I don't know that I can do this.

If I don't make it, I will still finish it. I've been waiting for two years to tell this story, and the time to tell it is now. Just getting that RD done for the 1st is looking less and less likely.

I hope this doesn't disappoint you guys too much.


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