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Well maybe "bereft" is a bit strong, but whatever.

I finished Phoenix Invictus last week, at least until I get edits back from my betas. And school started, okay yay for that. I have things to do.

But I just feel so at loose ends and like I don't know what to do with myself.

I have been working on Phoenix in small pieces since 2009. I've been basically obsessed with telling this story for three years. And now it's mostly done, and I just...I have no idea what to do. [ profile] maypirate was like "just bask in your awesomeness," which I did for a couple of days but now I just...I dunno. I feel like I need to write more stuff, and I have a lot of ideas (more water park, more Gossip Girl, and some other things), but I don't know what to do with myself.

Good thing that happened, I got two medal in the Rec Olympics, one for a fic I had literally only just posted which blows my mind. I feel like I never get rec'ed, or at least if I do I don't get told about it to thank the people. So that was really a great feeling. (I've been told I'm full of crap and I get rec'ed a lot, so rationally I know I'm being dumb when I say I feel like I don't get that. I just get genuinely surprised when people like what I do because LBR it's pretty outrageous and silly sometimes.)

So anyways, I hope when Phoenix gets posted you guys like it and read it and all that good stuff. It has aliens and pirates and Bones getting phenomenal cosmic powers (but no itty bitty living space) in it. If I could just figure out how to split the damn chapters.

I am going back to my cramps and blackberry cabernet sorbet now. And I hope you guys are all doing okay! Drop me a line in the comments with an update! <3

ETA: Sent my rough draft in. It's official; I "won" Big Bang. If you can call it winning, and not like watering your future with your heart's blood. (Thank you, Grant Morrison.)

So uh...

Feb. 26th, 2012 02:14 pm
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So I wrote like 9k of fic yesterday/Friday, and I want to post it but uh...well, here's the thing. While there is Kirk/McCoy tension and they used to date, and Jim is trying to get Bones back, Bones is currently dating/sleeping with Spock.

So like...can I post that to Kirk/McCoy communities? That's where I usually post my stuff. I know I'm okay for [ profile] st_reboot and [ profile] newtrekslash, but I'm concerned about posting it to my community and that other community.

(Okay, I'm more concerned about posting it to the other community, TBH. If I continue this series, I have nothing to worry about re: posting it to my own.)

So yeah. Thoughts?
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Is Pine not dating that Laura Vandervoort chick anymore? Because the pics of him in London are with some raven-haired chick, and if I'm remembering my V actresses correctly, Vandervoort is very, very blonde?

So did that end already?

I mean, I realize at the end of the day it's totally not my business. I'm just wondering if that bullshit he said in Details about "being the George Clooney" is totally accurate or not.


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