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Title: Who You Gonna Call?
Series: Star Trek AOS fusion with The Real Ghostbusters
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Rating: This chapter; NC-17 for explicit sex
Words: 11,000
Summary: Once upon a time, a ghost came to live with the Ghostbusters. This is how that came to be.
Notes: Based on the Real Ghostbusters episode, "Citizen Ghost."

Posted to AO3 only due to length.
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Title: Who You Gonna Call?
Series: Star Trek 2009: Ghostbusters AU
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing and heavy petting of the Jim/Bones variety
Words: 10,306
Summary: When two children have problems due to a supernatural force, their only hope is the Ghostbusters: Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, and Hikaru Sulu.
Notes: I had the idea for this back in October or thereabouts, for a Ghostbusters AU featuring the Trek characters. Because it’s me, it’s not so much a movie AU as it is a Real Ghostbusters AU because hey adapting 22-minute episodes is way easier than doing an entire film.

This fic in particular is an adaptation of RGB episode six, “The Boogieman Cometh.” For reference, Jim = Venkman, Bones = Spengler, Scotty = Stantz, Sulu = Zeddemore, and Rand = Janine. Chekov’s in here too, as a surprise.

The reference to “that time the French government” hired them is a reference to the RGB episode “The Ghostbusters in Paris.” The reference to having had a song written about them is, of course, a reference to the Ray Parker, Jr. song “Ghostbusters.”

I made up the shit about CNN and MSNBC following them around but Bill O’Reilly calling them con men. Which, let’s be honest…if anyone’s going to call the Ghostbusters con men after they’ve saved the world from Gozer, it’s fucking Fox News. (A little of that also comes from Ghostbusters II, where even though they saved everyone from Gozer, the Ghostbusters got sued for fraud and the city of New York filed an injunction against them where they were not allowed to bust ghosts anymore. Hence the reference of the mayor of San Francisco constantly serving them with shit and Rand’s exasperation at the police needing warrants.)

“Imagine the individual atoms in your body taking separate vacations” is a direct line of Egon’s from the episode “Lights, Camera, Haunting!” Yes, that is what getting hit by a particle beam does to humans. I…kinda don’t really wonder why they got sued, to be honest.

Oh, the big thing…the 229 Oak Street Firehouse is real! It was recently sold, so you have to take my word for it, but it was really pretty and awesome. It doesn’t have a firepole, but eh. Pretend it does. Here are pictures!

This is split into two parts due to length. Stupid Livejournal.

We open on night in San Francisco... )
Part Two
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But I wrote like 10,000 words on my Trek/Ghostbusters crossover. Which would be awesome if not for the fact that like...I have other more pressing shit to write. Like my Rom Com. And Phoenixey things.

This weekend I finish cleaning out the old apartment, because I had in the keys next week. Finally that chapter of my life will be over! No more dank depressing apartment full of leaks and mildew. (No seriously, it flooded every time it rained. The carpet is stained black from it. Which I am not paying for, for the record.)

I have worked a little on Phoenix here or there, and the Good Phoenix part is at 7000 and some change words. It's made me realize I have to redo one of the opening scenes of Dark Phoenix and make more time elapse during it, but I can do that all later. I just want to get Good Phoenix finished, at least a rough draft so soon as possible. The rate things are going, I won't be posting this until the summer I guess. (I can't write and only write over Spring Break for two reasons. A) [ profile] faoi_cheilt is visiting for the first few days, and B) I have to reread House of Leaves and write an 8-12 page research paper on its use of postmodernism over break for my Honors class.) So it looks like writing a scene a night is how it's going to go, which means the fic is going to take forever to finish.

Bah, I got myself into this mess. No use whining about it.

Also next week is the beginning of the sign up for the [ profile] mccoy_and_kirk fic/art exchange. I hope people participate; we purposefully timed it to not be around other exchanges like [ profile] space_wrapped and [ profile] km_anthology. So I hope some of you guys participate! I'll be making a reminder post tomorrow. Along with a meta discussion post because I suck and just realized in my illness I totally didn't do that.

I am currently surrounded by cats. This is a good thing.

Anyways, back to work I go. Just wanted to post something so people weren't thinking I was dead or something. :D
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I'm reading old fanfic of mine on AdultFanfiction.Net and, Jesus, I was a pretentious piece of shit in 2003. Second person POV, for God's sake. I

I kind of think I could do better by the story now, the one I'm specifically talking about. It's Real Ghostbusters from Ray's POV and full of angst, but I bet I could do better. The Wolverine/Psylocke fic I could handle better too, I didn't really get subtlety when I was 23.

Here. Read the RGB fic and have a good laugh at how I was once the Ben Gibbard of fanfiction. It's actually really hilarious. Seriously, my feelings won't be hurt if you find it funny or terrible. I find it funny and terrible.

At least I picked a really fitting song for it...

Do you guys do this? Go back and read your old stuff and go "Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ what was a I thinking?" And/or "how positively unintentionally hilarious I am. Capital humor old bean!"

Star Trek is the first fandom for me where I reread my fic and...there's not much I would change. I still kinda want to rewrite the very first Waterpark fic, "Variations on a Theme," but other than that there's very little I would do again.

In other news, I just spent five days editing the Dark Phoenix half of Phoenix Invictus. I'm waiting on feedback, and as soon as finals and my move are over, I can focus on writing again. I can't finish anything right now because of how much real life is interfering. Real life has been awful this semester, and I just am not in the right frame of mind to write. Maybe I'll post my Humanities journals where Jim and Bones road trip across America, but I dunno. They're not my strongest fiction.

I am taking Creative Writing next semester though, so we'll see how that pans out. I'm looking forward to being ripped to shreds and struggling for my A. And workshopping. I'm excited for my class to complain about how homoerotic my writing is. ^_~

I was accepted into the Honors program at my school, and I'm possibly doing my Honors project on post-modernism and nihilism in House of Leaves. Maybe just post-modernism, as it's quite a long book. My professor isn't crazy about Hemingway, so my other thought of examining Garden of Eden as a piece of Queer literature didn't go over as well. I had to lend her Leaves, though. We'll see. I'd rather start on it sooner instead of later since it's extra work I have to do on top of my schoolwork. I may have to present it to the Honors committee, which I guess is good practice for my Master's thesis and Doctorate dissertation.

My pets are still the fucking cutest things ever.

Anyways, that's what's up with me right now. Finals are in like...twelve days. I am so relieved this semester is almost over. I'm ready for a fresh start.
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Dear Real Ghostbusters fandom,

While I get that you are 99% comprised of hurt/comfort fanfic, I have to say the rate you make Peter and Egon cry over each other is somewhat alarming.

Now, okay. It's canon that Ray is a crier. He cries something like four or five times in six seasons. That's a lot of crying for a male-based toy-driven cartoon from the 1980s/early 1990s. And I appreciate that the writers took the risk in showing a grown man getting emotional at all. And they all get choked up in "Big Trouble with Little Slimer" when they think Peck destroyed Slimer, and again I appreciate that because for the time when the show came out and for the target age group, that was a rare thing.

It's nice to see that they weren't made of stone. just...have you met Peter and Egon? Because like...I mean they think Egon gets killed in one episode ("Egon's Ghost"), and Peter is depressed, but he doesn't cry over it. The only one who cries is Janine.

So I just...I don't understand why whenever you fanfic writers have one of them getting hurt, the other one is in tears, and pleading for them not to die, and generally being a wreck. They have coping mechanisms and are capable of functioning if something happens to the other. Particularly if they're in the middle of a bust. Especially if they're in the middle of a bust.


The Management
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I am totally writing a Real Ghostbusters/Star Trek 2009 crossover. See Jim and Bones end up in modern Manhattan! (I'm setting it now instead of in the 80s because I think I'll have a stroke if I try to make 80s centric pop culture references.) See Jim get slimed! See Bones wonder at Egon's hairstyle! (I have been a fan of that show since 1986 and to this day I do not understand how he gets his hair to do that.) See Jim and Bones and Peter and Egon go on a double date! See Ray grill Jim and Bones about the future! See Winston roll his eyes a lot! And so on.

Right. This is what my muse wants, so here we go. Jesus Christ.
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Man, buying a house is eating me alive. When I'm online, I'm browsing real estate listings. When I'm not online or in class, I'm out looking at homes. I've already ruled some out, and put some still in the running. I eat, sleep, and breath the real estate listings.

This is the house that I'm keeping in mind while searching: That gives a basic idea of what I'm looking at. If it had a garage it'd be perfect, but the location is excellent and look at all of those features. The water heater is solar powered. The only thing is the windows need to be replaced, but that's something we can use to negotiate with.

I'm not getting into any bidding wars. I actually flat out refuse to get into a bidding war. I'm not doing that; I don't have time for it, and I don't have the stomach for it either. My parents will be up on Tuesday, and we have appointments as early as Wednesday. We are getting shit done.

Other than that, school has eaten me alive. This semester is really taking a toll on me; I think the online class was a bad idea. I barely have time to breathe, let alone write or clean my apartment or anything. Pretty much I go to school, I come home, I study, I take the dog out a few times, I possibly eat something, and I go to bed. I have free time. I'll try to be better about posting and talking more, because I feel really bad that I'm all in the corner and silent.

On the fic front, I need to put Phoenix on hold because every time I work on it, I end up hating it. I think I need to skip around it, or something, because what I'm currently doing isn't working. I started on a Ghostbusters AU just for fun and something light, and I'm about a third of the way through that. (I should clarify that my Ghostbusters AU is a bit more of a Real Ghostbusters AU than a Ghostbusters the movie AU. I like the Real Ghostbusters better because it developed all of the guys, not just Peter and kinda-sorta Ray. Plus the villains were cooler in RGB; you had Samhain, the Boogeyman (which is what I'm using for the AU), they fought Chthulu in one episode for crying out loud! (Granted they were only able to banish him, Egon said nothing they had would do any good against him. Which is hilarious in how true it is.) My using the RGB template is also why Bones is Egon; aside from the "fascinating" running gag, RGB Egon has surprisingly little in common with Spock. He's a brilliant scientist who believes in a lot of very unscientific things (like werechickens...yes this was an actual episode. Egon became a werechicken. Actually, most of the ridiculous shit happened to Egon. He became a ghost, he got a dragon, he went on a purple Hulked out rampage, he got turned into a werechicken, he got possessed by a witch, he was turned into a baby, and this is just off the top of my head. Once a season they did ridiculous things to Egon. I guess I'm not the only one who likes robbing fictional characters of their hard fought-for dignity), which is why it makes more sense to me for Bones to be him than Spock. Plus Egon is hot, and Bones is hot, and to me personally Spock is not hot. Spock will show up later on in a pretty important role, but he's not one of the main four Ghostbusters. You can probably guess who the other three Ghostbusters are if you know anything about how I write the Trek characters.

And hey, at least Spock's not Chekov who ended up as Slimer.

You're welcome for that, by the way.

Anyway, on another note. I feel like showing off how cute my pets are. I did a presentation on them for my Spanish class, so I will share them with you all as well. So anyway, here we go! )

Okay, I've goofed off enough. I need to write for boring humanities now. Jim and Bones on the road, Savannah to Berkeley, woo Spring break.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me while I did this. Hopefully I'll be around more now that midterms are over!


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