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Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek AOS fusion with Gossip Girl
Rating: PG-13/R for this chapter
Summary: It's finally Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side, but turkey and stuffing aren't the only things on the menu today. How about a nice heaping side dish of drama to go with the yams?
Notes: In addition to the standard trigger warning about Nyota's bulimia, there is an additional one for people who have attempted or know someone who has attempted/committed suicide. (It's not Sam.)

This chapter is dedicated to [ profile] hora_tio, as her birthday was this past Saturday! Happy belated, my dear!

Full notes on AO3, where the chapter has only been posted due to length.
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Title: Empire State of Mind Chapter Seven
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with the televsion/book series Gossip Girl
Rating: Teen and Up for the main fic, NC-17 for the bonus scene (seriously, do not read the bonus scene if explicit underage sex is a thing that could send you to jail for reading. I really don't need that on my conscience.)
Word Count: 25,250 for the chapter, 2,722 for the bonus scene
Summary: It's time for Nyota's birthday party. Will they escape the evening without a scandal?

Oh, who are we kidding. Of course not.
Notes: Sorry it took a few months, but hopefully with a total of 28K in fic, you won't mind. ;D

Again this is potentially triggery for people who are sensitive to or have recovered from issues involving eating disorders, specifically bulimia. Spock has a catchphrase now; he uses it twice in Chapter Seven. Also some of the parents got less shitty, while some get shittier. I'm not saying whose are which, you'll just have to read to find out.

Hope you enjoy it! XOXO
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Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek AOS fusion with the television series, Gossip Girl
Rating: Teen and Up for language, some teen make outs, drug use, and teen drinking
Parings: It'd be easier to list what pairings aren't in this fic. I may make up a flowchart in Photoshop just for fun.
Content Advisory for this Chapter: Potentially triggering for people who have struggled with or are in recovery from eating disorders, specifically bulimia
Word Count: For this chapter, 17K, 70k total. (Longest. Fic. Ever.)
Notes: Look, I updated this already! Aren't we all amazed?

Some of the dialogue in this chapter comes from the Gossip Girl episode "Victor/Victrola." If you've seen GG, you'll know it when you see it.

The necklace Spock purchases can be found on the Tiffany's website. I picked it out before I saw the price tag and then cried a little because it costs more than my house. Blair's necklace on Gossip Girl only cost 30K, so I dunno. Spock loves Nyota more than Chuck loves Blair or something.

I've thought about subtitling this story "The Fic Where Everyone's Parents are Terrible," and you'll see why this chapter. I mean, it's already somewhat obvious? But it is really apparent after this chapter.

Again, there's drug use, teen drinking, and teenage make outs. I've been reliably informed that the age of consent in New York is 17, so while it is teens fooling around with each other and not teens with adults, they are still technically too young in the eyes of the law. Please be advised of that in case you're reading this someplace where that isn't allowed.

Trigger advisory this chapter for people who have or are in recovery from eating disorders, specifically bulimia.

Chapter posted to AO3 only due to length. THEY KEEP GETTING LONGER.
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Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek AOS fusion with Gossip Girl
Rating: Teen and up audiences due to consequences of heavy drinking, marijuana use, and some teenagers making out with each other
Summary: They say Saturday night's all right for fighting, but Friday night is better for fun.
Notes: Chapter posted only on AO3 due to length. (It's 15k).
So, sorry it's been a while, but here we are. Friday night in Manhattan for our Gossip Trek crew.

I've already told you about Veselka, but you can learn about The Rose Club, Brandy Library, and Asellina at their websites.

Obviously, I invented the S'chn T'gai Building, as well as the Cochrane Center's location.

I put links to the songs in the fic, but "Baby Plays Around" and "Allison" are by Elvis Costello.

Pairings have been updated to include Winona/Sarek, Winona/Pike, and Sam/Aurelan.

I said it at the beginning, but I'll say it again too: this fic series deals with teenage drinking, drug use, and teenage sexuality. All three of these feature prominently in this chapter, so you've been given a head's up.
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I just wrote this exchange, and I enjoyed it, so I am inflicting it upon you all.

To set the stage, Sam and Jim are having a breakfast of bland pastries and stale coffee in Sam's room at the Cochrane Center... )

It's a running gag that people just don't get the nickname Bones in this AU. It's going to be hilarious the first time Jim uses it around Pavel.
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Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek XI fusion with Gossip Girl
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kirk/Bones. Nothing else yet, although I do drop some hints.
Disclaimers: I don't own Star Trek or Gossip Girl. Chuck and Blair would be married by now and so would Kirk and Bones if that were the case, come on now.
Summary: The one thing you can count on on the UES: things and people are not always what they seem.

Firstly, I need to share this because it is awesome. My dear friend [ profile] timbean made a FST for this fic series. I owe a lot of my writing inspiration for this chapter due to it. It really captures the feel of the fic, so I definitely recommend a download and a listen.

I also need to share my friend [ profile] ushigami's rendering of Kirk and McCoy in this universe.

Les Halles is Anthony Bourdain's restaurant on Park Avenue. Thanks to [ profile] militsa for her recommendation of The Ocean Grill for the dinner scene.

The outfit that Uhura wears is this top and skirt with this coat.

Part One is here. Part two is located here.

Thanks again to [ profile] inugrlrayn for giving this the once over for me. I love you lady!

The notes for this story just keep getting longer and longer my God.

Wednesday morning came too soon like always... )
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Title: Empire State of Mind (Formerly You Know You Love Them, thank you Jay-Z for stopping me from being cliche)
Series; Star Trek reboot...Gossip Girl AU
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter, subject to go up later on)
Pairings: Kirk/Bones, and some surprises.
Summary: Just another fall day on the Upper East Side full of new beginnings, repeated histories, and broken friendships.

Notes: Chapter one can be found in two parts beginning here.

The Roady is a very in demand YSL handbag. As in, people on the wait list for it are just still...waiting. Uhura's, naturally, is the one in red. I also pretty much directly stole her outfit in this chapter off of Blair Waldorf in "Hi, Society." Whatever.

Yes, Gossip Girl AU Jim wears glasses. Have you seen Chris Pine in his? Because they need to work that shit into Trek 2 for real.

The song that the title is from is by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. It's pretty damn near perfect as a soundtrack for this fanfic.

The song that Pavel and Nyota sing is a traditional Russian folk song called the Tonkaya Rjabina. It's traditionally done by a full choir, but it is not uncommon to have the two main parts as a duet.

If you can spot all of the TOS and Gossip Girl in-jokes in this, you totally get a prize.

The sunlight filtered through the blinds of the window and onto Jim's face. )


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