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Same notes and warnings apply to this as the last part.

The next morning, Jim woke in Bones’ arms. )
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Title: If You Find Yourself Caught in Love (AO3)
Series: Star Trek 2009
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy (mention of one-sided Gary Mitchell/Jim Kirk)
Summary: When Bones suggests he and Jim go on a trip to blow off steam, Jim gets more than he bargained for. For the [ profile] mccoy_and_kirk Spring Fling Fic Exchange; my recipient is [ profile] tresa_cho.
Words: 16,299
Beta: [ profile] maypirate
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing them. Don't sue please, I have nothing.
Notes: Written for [ profile] tresa_cho, for her prompt "Too hot for sexing, go away Jim." I really hope you like it, in spite of it being all of the words. Also, thank you for everything you do for the community and for all of your kindness. <3 This also hits the optional "spring break" theme of the exchange.

The restaurants, lodge, places in Big Sur, and beaches are all real. Nepenthe looks delicious, and I'd like to eat there some day. The Lucia Lodge can be found here. The Presidio Social club is also a real place to eat in San Francisco, and it can be found here. All of the things they eat can be found on the menus of the websites.

The dialogue in the last scene was taken directly from the movie Star Trek. I didn't Barnett's, Jim's, or Pike's lines. I did have to type really fast and constantly pause my digital copy of the movie to get it verbatim, however. That was fun.

Title taken from the song by Belle and Sebastian. The song Jim listens to in the car is The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, by Roberta Flack. (There are a million covers of that song, if you want to check those out. The Stereophonics do a good version, as does Johnny Cash.)

Now that I've gotten long winded, onto the fic. Posted in two parts due to length.

The thing about the events with Nero was that they not only were disastrous for the Federation as a whole, because with Vulcan just wiped off the map there wasn’t much more that could be said about it, but that it was disastrous for the cadets at Starfleet Academy. )
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Please to be commencing with publicly talking about [ profile] mccoy_and_kirk. I've got tentative rules up in the userinfo, subject to change, I've got a moderator (thank you, [ profile] scriblerusday, and I think I want one or two more just to be safe), and I've posted a welcome post and a community discussion post.

Please comment on either one and tell me what you guys want to see. It's as much yours as mine, and I don't want people feeling unhappy.


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