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Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek AOS fusion with the television series, Gossip Girl
Rating: Teen and Up for language, some teen make outs, drug use, and teen drinking
Parings: It'd be easier to list what pairings aren't in this fic. I may make up a flowchart in Photoshop just for fun.
Content Advisory for this Chapter: Potentially triggering for people who have struggled with or are in recovery from eating disorders, specifically bulimia
Word Count: For this chapter, 17K, 70k total. (Longest. Fic. Ever.)
Notes: Look, I updated this already! Aren't we all amazed?

Some of the dialogue in this chapter comes from the Gossip Girl episode "Victor/Victrola." If you've seen GG, you'll know it when you see it.

The necklace Spock purchases can be found on the Tiffany's website. I picked it out before I saw the price tag and then cried a little because it costs more than my house. Blair's necklace on Gossip Girl only cost 30K, so I dunno. Spock loves Nyota more than Chuck loves Blair or something.

I've thought about subtitling this story "The Fic Where Everyone's Parents are Terrible," and you'll see why this chapter. I mean, it's already somewhat obvious? But it is really apparent after this chapter.

Again, there's drug use, teen drinking, and teenage make outs. I've been reliably informed that the age of consent in New York is 17, so while it is teens fooling around with each other and not teens with adults, they are still technically too young in the eyes of the law. Please be advised of that in case you're reading this someplace where that isn't allowed.

Trigger advisory this chapter for people who have or are in recovery from eating disorders, specifically bulimia.

Chapter posted to AO3 only due to length. THEY KEEP GETTING LONGER.
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GOD I KNOW RIGHT? I did it! I finally did it!

Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek XI fusion with the Gossip Girl television series
Rating: Pg-13ish
Pairings: Kirk/McCoy and squint and you'll see Spock/Uhura, Chapel/Sulu, and Chekov/Uhura. There are also mentions of past Kirk/Sulu, Uhura/Sulu, Pike/Winona, and one-sided McCoy/Scotty...going forward it might be easier for me to list the pairings that aren't in the chapter. Yikes.
Summary: It's Thursday on the Upper East Side, which unfortunately brings trouble.
Notes: Ugh, it's been forever, and I am so sorry, but the original Gossip Girl AU is back and better than ever!

As always, the food Jim consumes at the Palace is taken directly off their menu. Likewise, the food Scotty and Bones eat at Veselka is the same. (Okay, the banana milkshakes aren't on the menu, but they're kind of a secret thing if you know the place. Highly recommended.) I don't get into detail about it, but since I do mention it, The Modern's Chef's Tasting menu is found here.

"Vite, vite" is French for "hurry the fuck up." :D

Yes, it's Kolinhar instead of Victrola. What of it?

Yes, I also made Scotty a vegetarian hipster. I regret nothing.

Links to previous chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

This chapter has been posted in two parts due to length. Stupid word limit. *shakes fist*

Jim, Winona Kirk called through the suite she shared with her youngest son. )

Part Two


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