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Title: Empire State of Mind Chapter Seven
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with the televsion/book series Gossip Girl
Rating: Teen and Up for the main fic, NC-17 for the bonus scene (seriously, do not read the bonus scene if explicit underage sex is a thing that could send you to jail for reading. I really don't need that on my conscience.)
Word Count: 25,250 for the chapter, 2,722 for the bonus scene
Summary: It's time for Nyota's birthday party. Will they escape the evening without a scandal?

Oh, who are we kidding. Of course not.
Notes: Sorry it took a few months, but hopefully with a total of 28K in fic, you won't mind. ;D

Again this is potentially triggery for people who are sensitive to or have recovered from issues involving eating disorders, specifically bulimia. Spock has a catchphrase now; he uses it twice in Chapter Seven. Also some of the parents got less shitty, while some get shittier. I'm not saying whose are which, you'll just have to read to find out.

Hope you enjoy it! XOXO
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Title: Empire State of Mind
Series: Star Trek AOS fusion with Gossip Girl
Rating: Teen and up audiences due to consequences of heavy drinking, marijuana use, and some teenagers making out with each other
Summary: They say Saturday night's all right for fighting, but Friday night is better for fun.
Notes: Chapter posted only on AO3 due to length. (It's 15k).
So, sorry it's been a while, but here we are. Friday night in Manhattan for our Gossip Trek crew.

I've already told you about Veselka, but you can learn about The Rose Club, Brandy Library, and Asellina at their websites.

Obviously, I invented the S'chn T'gai Building, as well as the Cochrane Center's location.

I put links to the songs in the fic, but "Baby Plays Around" and "Allison" are by Elvis Costello.

Pairings have been updated to include Winona/Sarek, Winona/Pike, and Sam/Aurelan.

I said it at the beginning, but I'll say it again too: this fic series deals with teenage drinking, drug use, and teenage sexuality. All three of these feature prominently in this chapter, so you've been given a head's up.


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