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Well, mostly, I've been job hunting and writing. I have fic to post, actually, if I can stop being super lazy about editing it. Maybe I'll do that today. :)

But anyways, have a meme!

From newest to Oldest:

1.) The night before a mission, diplomatic or otherwise, Jim liked to have dinner with his senior staff in the Ready Room.

2.) It was weird to spend a night off doing what you did for twelve to fifteen hours a day, but Jim found he didn’t mind as he unwrapped the fresh trout filet he bought at the New Fulton Fish Market.

3.) Imperial Sage Araki stood before the royal chamber with his brow furrowed.

4.) The main thing about Heaven was that everything was white.

5.) It was November 20th when Nyota Uhura noticed it.

6.) Leonard was seven the first time he set foot onto a shuttle.

7.) It’s hard to notice, but Jim catches on during an away mission.

8.) Hikaru Sulu made his way down the hall of his dorm, laundry basket in tow during the third Sunday afternoon after arriving at Starfleet Academy.

9.) The thing about the events with Nero was that they not only were disastrous for the Federation as a whole, because with Vulcan just wiped off the map there wasn’t much more that could be said about it, but that it was disastrous for the cadets at Starfleet Academy.

10.) It was a quiet night in the San Francisco Bay area.

11.) The party was an elegant affair featuring people dressed to the nines, free-flowing champagne, and classical music played by a live string quartet.

12.) It had been a long day at Starfleet Medical, and Leonard McCoy sat quietly in one of the examination rooms.

13.) Fall was approaching in San Francisco, and this meant many things, not the least of which was the start of the academic year at Starfleet Academy.

14.) So far, things had been perfect.

15.) It was late on a Saturday night, and Bones was bored.

16.) “I’m sorry, you need me to what?”

17.) 2260.238


From: Captain, USS Enterprise
To: All Hands

18.) Like most things in life, it all began with a conversation.

19.) It all started innocently enough.

20.) Jim snuggled further over onto the left side of the bed as he wrapped his arms around one of the pillows and grumbled a little under his breath.

21.) Contrary to assumptions, Jim is actually very skilled in his movements; skilled enough to make Bones wonder if he was born like that or if it's something he's honed over time like his poker face or his ability to match Bones drink for drink at the dives they used to frequent.

***GossipTrek was omitted because the meme was about the first line of the fic itself, not the first line of new chapters. I started writing it a really long time ago, so it didn't make this list.***

Things that this meme taught me; I start with Jim's POV a lot, I apparently never open with dialogue, and sometimes I am borderline ridiculously vauge tantalizing in how I build suspense and intrigue with an opening line. ^_~ And yeah, I cheated a little on 17, but if I had kept it at just the stardate no one would have any clue what fic I was talking about. (I've only written one fic with official memos.)
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